Hi, my name is Paul and I’m pretty new to the aquarium hobby. I decided to start a blog about the aquarium hobby in part to do my own research and in part to help others who are interested in the hobby. My hope is that I can highlight my mistakes and successes so that we can both learn. I hope you find this site useful and it helps you along the way.

I did and do a lot of research online to truly find how to fix common problems, learn about the different types of fish and to get the best equipment for my fish tank. I decided to go big at first, so I got a 40-gallon tank. The reason is that it’s easier on the fish if you screw up. Provided you don’t overstock the tank. I have put many, many hours into this site so that it can be a useful resource. I also make recommendations and provide links to Amazon for you to purchase. I do make a commission on those links, but these are products that I have tried and liked.

Thank you for visiting. If you have any questions or comments, just leave them in the comment section of the site!

Best of luck!!