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Danios are almost the perfect choice for a beginning community fish tank. They’re easy to keep, are pretty small and peaceful, and are very lively swimmers.

Some of the more popular danios are:

  • Zebra
    White Cloud

They only grow to about 1-2 inches long (except for the giant danio which get 3-4 inches), so you don’t need a very large tank. They do like to swim back and forth though, so a long, shallow tank works the best.

Danios are a schooling fish, so the more the better!

Can Danios live in cold water?

Danios are a super tough fish and can withstand lower water temperatures and a high range of pH levels. This is why Danios are so popular with beginners because they are so easy to keep.

Will Danios eat fry?

Danios are omnivores and will eat most anything including their own fry and other fish fry. To prevent that, you’ll need to have some heavy plants and/or java moss on the bottom of your fish tank. Danios are egg scatterers and the small eggs and later the fry will need some cover.

Where do Danio fish come from?

Danios are native to India, Pakistan, PetSmart and Petco

Will Danios eat Guppies or Betta?

Danios are a very small fish and cannot eat other fish like Guppies or Betta. Not that they would anyway. They do like to feed on eggs and small fry of other fish as well as their own. If you’re trying to breed fish, it’s a good idea to separate the fry into a special breeding tank without the adults.

Can Danio live with Goldfish?

Danio are one of the few fish that can coexist with Goldfish because of their tolerance of water parameters such as colder temperatures and messy water. Goldfish are known as a cold water fish and are also very messy. Danios don’t seem to mind who they live with or what the water conditions are most of the time. You should still keep the tank well filtered and do water changes like a good, responsible fish keeper should.

Can Danio fish live alone?

Danios are a schooling fish so you want at least ten in a tank. The more the better to help prevent infighting amongst the fish. They are definitely not loners like the betta.

Can Danio live with Betta?

Danios, especially Zebra Danios may not be the best tank mates for a Betta. Bettas do best with fish that don’t swim on the same level as they do. Fish like corydora, or bristlenose pleco, or tetra do well with Betta. It also depends on the size of the tank and if you have enough room for a school of Danio. If the tank size is too small like under 25 gallons and you have less than ten or so Danio, they’ll tend to get feisty and start fin nipping others. Bettas with their long flowing fins are easy targets. It can work, you just need a large enough tank and a nice school of Danio that are not Zebra Danio.

Can Danio live with Guppies?

Yes, Danio and Guppies make good tank mates. They both enjoy similar water parameters and are not aggressive toward each other. The only thing to keep in mind is that danios are faster swimmers and will gobble up the food before the guppies can get to it. Also, guppies are livebearers, while Danios are egg scatterers. Both will go after the eggs and/or young fry in the tank.

Will Danio’s tail grow back?

It depends on how bad the damage is. If the fin is severely damaged like down to the body, it most likely will not grow back. Slightly damaged fins should grow back in a matter of weeks.
The better the water quality, the better the ability of the fish to grow the damaged fin back. If diseases like fin rot is the cause, then you will need to treat accordingly before it’ll grow back.


What do Danio fish eat?

Danios are omnivores and will eat almost any food you give them. Give them a good variety of commercial flake or pellet foods. They especially love freeze-dried or live bloodworms and brine shrimp. Here are some recommendations that you can get online at:
Aqueon Tropical Flakes
Color Flakes
Tropical granules
Freeze-dried bloodworms

Can Danio fish live in a bowl?

Danios are very active swimmers and are a schooling fish so they need a good amount of room to swim in. Even though they are a smaller fish, a bowl is not recommended. You should have a good size long tank preferably above 25 gallons so they can have room to school and swim back and forth.

Can Danio fish live with Cherry Shrimp?

Since Danio fish are omnivores, meaning they will eat both plant and animal food, they would definitely like to snack on baby shrimp. You might see your cherry shrimp population go down quite a bit because of this. Danio will also pick on the adult cherry shrimp stressing them out. If you do want to keep cherry shrimp, just make sure you have plenty of hiding spots for them. Cherry shrimp are very good at hiding away.

Can Danio fish live with Cichlids?

This is not a good mix since the bigger Cichlids are very aggressive in nature and will eat the smaller danios. Even though Danios are very fast swimmers, the Cichlid will wait and when the opportunity comes, they will swallow the smaller Danios one by one.

How do Danio Mate?

The Danios are egg scatterers, so they will go through a spawning process where the female scatters the eggs while the male fertilizes the eggs at the same time. The fertilized eggs will then hatch in about 2-3 days with small Danio fry emerging. It’s a good idea to add some java moss or other thick fern plants so the fry have a place to hide and grow. The adults eat the eggs and fry so the fry needs to have separation from their parents.

How to tell the gender of Danio

The male Danio will be longer and more slender. The females will have a rounder belly, especially when she is ready to spawn.

How many Danios should you have per gallon?

If you follow the general rule of one fish per gallon, you should be fine. Danios are a small fish, but they are very active swimmers and like to have some room to roam. They’re also a schooling fish so you should have at least 10 or more Danios. The fish tank size should be 25 gallons or more to allow room for them to school and swim.

Danios are a great beginner fish for aquariums because they are pretty bulletproof when it comes to water parameters. They are easy to feed and breed as well. They come in a variety of colors to give you some options.

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