How Much Does a 10 Gallon Fish Tank Weigh?

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You’re probably wondering what type of support you would need to hold the weight of your 10-gallon fish tank. Can I put it on a desk or a table or do I need an aquarium stand?

The weight of a 10-gallon fish tank depends on some factors like…

Do you have a glass or plastic tank? Glass is much heavier.

How much substrate are you going to put in the fish tank?

What type of substrate will you have?

The weight of a gallon of water is a constant 8.34 pounds


Empty 10-gallon glass tank = 10 pounds
Empty 10-gallon plastic tank = 1.4 pounds

10 x 8.34 pounds per gallon = 83.4 pounds in water weight

Full 10-gallon glass tank = approx. 93.4 pounds + 8 pounds of gravel or sand substrate = 101.4 pounds
Full 10-gallon plastic tank = approx. 84.8 pounds + 8 pounds of gravel or sand substrate = 92.8 pounds

As you can see about 83% of the weight of a glass fish tank is the water itself. As long as you know the weight of a gallon of water, you can calculate about 83% of the weight of any size tank.

So, for example, a 20-gallon glass tank would be about 167 pounds of water weight. Divide 167 by 83% or 160/.83 would equal about 201 pounds in total.

 10 Gallon Glass Tank10 Gallon Plastic
Empty10 lbs.1.4 lbs.
Water8.34 lbs. per gallon = 83.4 lbs.8.34 lbs. per gallon = 83.4 lbs.
Substrate8 lbs. (approx.)8 lbs. (approx.)
Total101.4 lbs.92.8 lbs.

Recommended equipment for your aquarium.

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