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Can Tropical Fish Eat Fruit?

In Tropical Fish by PaulK

  Sometimes I run out of fish food and wonder if they can eat fruit and other things? Most tropical fish will not eat fruit and even if they do it’s not a good idea because they’ll foul the water with more waste. Most fruit is too acidic for them and their digestive systems don’t process fruit as well as …

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Glass or Acrylic? What Kind of Fish Tank Should You Buy?

In Aquariums by PaulK

Types of Aquariums Glass Aquariums All glass aquariums are probably the most popular on the market. The glass on these tanks is either tempered, meaning it’s stronger, lighter in weight, and shatter into pieces when they break or plate glass, meaning it’s heavier, thicker, and cracks only when it breaks. Glass fish tanks are then sealed with non-toxic silicone. The …

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What is the Purpose of a Fish Tank Filter?

In Aquarium Filters by PaulK

  Fish tank filters are used in aquariums to filter out the harmful chemicals that form in the fish tank water. There are three main types of filtration. Biological filters, that filter out the harmful ammonia and nitrates from fish waste. Chemical filters that filter out harmful chemicals like chlorine and metals, and Mechanical filters that filter out solid particles, …